Episode 027 // Best Bits of Season 2

By now it should be clear that this wedding podcast is meant to be a tool. A way to learn more for your wedding, to destress from the planning panics, and a really, really, fun way to hear the truth about weddings.

You've binged season 1 and season 2 and you are ready to actually take steps towards getting started with wedding planning. You got this. Sign up for my free course, Ready, Set, Wed! A free mini-course for jump starting your wedding planning.

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This podcast has literally been a joy to create. Without my producer, Ian, however, at Studio Americana, this thing would NOT be a thing. It's totally been because of his graciousness and kindness and availability and amazing ear for details that you are able to laugh along, plan along, and listen along to all of the antics and wedding education.

Thank you Ian.

Coming soon - a studio tour - cause that sounds fun, but also coming soon, your questions answered. So leave a comment, here or on Instagram, and let me be the most useful wedding planning podcast that ever was!

Also if you are wondering, behind the scenes you've got me, Ian, Planoly and Calendly, and good ol' Google. That's it.

Haley, dear Haley, was kind enough to help push us off and into the world. Now that she's focused on being obsessed with weddings and debating whether college is right for her, I'd ask for you, dear reader, to share the show if you love it so.



header photo by Kyle Loves Tori // boutonniere from The Cutting Garden // Suit from Generation Tux

Josey Stafford

Sixpence Events & Planning, Bloomington, MN